How Does the “Swag”(Deal), Works!

Bored! Of getting deals that are irrelevant to you.

Giving you an experience.

Bag A “Swag”is a unique take on the discount. We don’t do group discounts and crazy discounts but its more sort of an experience at a particular place where you would have been only on a high recommendation.

More important, Each "Swag" that comes with a 2for 1 deal is valid for upto a year and is valid for dine in, take aways and delivery at participating restaurants. features a number of new deals such as £100 worth of credit for £30 to spend at a top restaurant.

BagASwag ( City Card Deals Ltd) promises to make your night an experience at a restaurant.

There are other experiences as five takeaways at a particular restaurant at 241 or 442 (valid minimum for 6 months and maximum of 12 months) for only a  one off £20

Each time we feature an experience at an awesome price!

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